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Bamboo flooring / 竹地板系列 1inch(in)=25.4millimetre(mm)  1foot(ft)=305millimetre(mm)
Bamboo flooring (pre-finished) / 普通竹地板(免漆) 
Bamboo flooring (un-finished ) / 竹地板素板(自上油或油漆)
Sound proof bamboo flooring / 隔音竹地板
Oil coating bamboo flooring / 上油竹地板
Bamboo flooring for heating system / 地热竹地板
Middle crossed wide bamboo flooring / 中横宽面竹地板
Engineered bamboo flooring / 竹木复合地板
Hand scraped bamboo flooring / 仿古竹地板
Strand woven bamboo flooring / 重竹地板

Normal Strand Woven bamboo flooring / 普通重竹地板

Strand Woven bamboo flooring Color / 色彩重竹地板

Strand Woven bamboo flooring Embossed / 浮雕重竹地板

Staining solid bamboo flooring / 着色竹地板
Bamboo accessories / 竹线条 (skirting, reducer, 1/4 round, stair nosing, T-mode, 踢脚线, 减速板, 1/4圆, 楼梯板, T型条)


solid wood flooring
multi-layer solid wood flooring
laminate flooring


Bamboo Outdoor Decking
New patent bamboo multilayer laminated outdoor decking floor
Floor--Strand Woven Bamboo
Unfinished Board--Strand Woven Bamboo
Finished Board--Strand Woven Bamboo; With Oil
Unfinished Board--Laminated Bamboo Board
Finished Board--Laminated Bamboo Board; With Oil
Finished Board--Laminated Bamboo Board; With Protection Coating


Bamboo strip and stick (dia. 5-10mm) / 竹条和竹丝(5-10mm直径)
Bamboo Pole (dia. 1-10cm) / 竹竿(1-10cm直径)


Bamboo plank / board  竹板材   more information / 更多信息
Finger joint bamboo board / 指接竹材
Expanded bamboo products / 竹材延伸产品
Bamboo veneer / 竹刨切贴面(0.3/0.6mm) Bamboo furniture / 各式竹家具
Bamboo door / 竹门 Bamboo stick / 竹圆棍
Bamboo table / 竹桌面  
Expanded bamboo products / 竹生活用品
Bamboo+Washroom / 竹制盥洗用品 Bamboo+Kitchen / 竹制厨房用品
Bamboo+Sport / 竹制运动产品 Bamboo+Art / 竹制艺术产品
Bamboo+Learning / 竹制学习用品  


Bamboo Strand Woven Board Furniture  / 重竹板材家具


Bamboo Handicraft  / 竹工艺品


Bamboo Formwork  / 竹建筑膜板


Bamboo Charcoal / 竹碳工艺品


Bamboo Fibre Products / 竹纤维制品(竹毛巾、浴巾等)

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