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China HS Bamboo Group
Promoting the application of environment-friendly bamboo material
Providing the best residential and commercial bamboo solution
Presenting natural breath of bamboo forest in your home and office

Branch: Shanghai Company/上海销售服务/淘宝店     竹产品大观园/Bamboo Products Show

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Bamboo kitchen cabinet 竹制橱柜
Mulberry Flooring and Moulding
Citigroup Building-Lujiazui Shanghai
Unilever-Changning distirct Shanghai
家庭装修竹地板 home decoration bamboo floor
Bamboo door and frame and skirting
全竹楼梯 100% Bamboo Stair
Le Meridien - Sheshan Shanghai
McCain Foods Shanghai Office
家庭装修竹地板 home decoration bamboo floor
[office products gallery] office chair
[building material gallery] curtain and blinds
Michelin Shanghai training center
JALA Office Building-Shanghai
The outdoor floor along suzhou river shanghai
竹材之应用 Bamboo application
职工楼全竹装修 Employee villas
Bamboo outdoor floor projects collection
Nokia Building-Dongcheng, Beijing
The outdoor bamboo floor: Chongqing art museum
商标 "淇园"; brand name: Chi-yuan
美妙的冰雪黄山 snow-covered Huangshan
【HS tea】keemun black tea
Outdoor floor on the beach of Jinshan Shanghai
Outdoor bamboo floor: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

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