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Bamboo Plank occupies brisk market on furniture such as table, chair, cabinet, screen, temporary shelter and so on...

The strength, hardness, intensity for Bamboo Plank are better than common wood board for its special Hi-steam pressure process, so the features of good strength, hard wearing, long living, periodical recycling use are maintained; the board can be manufactured in great mass due to its weight is slightly light in order to reduce the jointing lines to speed the construction project; the board has perfect water-proof function for its shrinking rate, expanding rate, water-absorbing rate are better than wood texture and also the board is never rusted and humidity resistant, smooth, convenient process functions are engaged. Bamboo Plank is becoming a new laurel in the construction field for special features.

Bamboo Plank is now popular in the world market for its unbeatable quality, special process, qualified appearance.

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