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Giant Panda eat Arrow Bamboo, But we use Mao Bamboo to produce our products, so, we never encroach their food.

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China is relatively poor in hardwood but is one of the few countries that are rich in bamboo resources. China is the largest producer of bamboo products in the world. Bamboo grows mainly in South China and covers areas over 1.6 million square miles. 

Huangshan Tianyu Bamboo Products Co., Ltd. locates in the foot of Huangshan mountain, which is the most famous scenic spot in the world and a famous golf course near here. It has convenient transportation and abundant bamboo resource. 

Since1993, Huangshan Tianyu Bamboo Products Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of bamboo products suitable for many applications, including: flooring, planks or board for furniture, veneer, decorative boards, and high quality bamboo summer sleeping mats. All our staff are well-trained and have rich experience in working with Bamboo that is why we can provide you with the best quality products and service. 

All of the products manufactured by Huangshan Tianyu are made from the highest quality materials and are of superior quality. The bamboo flooring, which is the good-seller in the abroad market among similar products.

Huangshan Tianyu's bamboo products have been embraced by other countries. Customers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Finland and Australia, have all been satisfied with the superior bamboo products offered by Huangshan Tianyu.

The company is now developing its global sales network and would be pleased to open an account with you for creating more trading opportunities for mutual benefit. We cordially welcome you to visit our factories and establish a long lasting business relationship with us in bamboo line.

"Bamboo is technically a grass, although its pore structure is the same as wood, and is in fact more durable than many hardwoods," said Ed Korczak, executive director of the National Wood Flooring Association. "It's a good choice for people who like a nice, light, neutral color wood, like ash or maple."

We pay close attention to product quality, and has been certified by SGS and CQC and ISO9001:2000 systems. 

Features Of Bamboo

Mao bamboo is grown in Anhui province of South China. It is a tall and straight species and is perfect for many different applications. Mao bamboo is best harvested at four or five years of age, For centuries bamboo has been known as an excellent building material for both its practicality and beauty.

Our products are made with all-natural, high-quality Mao bamboo processed with modern technology, but retaining the original advantages of bamboo--its water resistance, insect resistance, fire resistance, and its bright, clean, and beautiful appearance.

A house decorated or built with bamboo will greatly add to the beauty, comfort, happiness, and ecological sensibility of your home.

You may rest assured that bamboo products are the best choice for your home.

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