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Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Color / 色彩重竹地板

Bamboo Strand Woven Outdoor Floor





Certificate of Strand Woven Bamboo Floor Quality

Size (mm) 1840(Length)
Standard GB/T 20240-2006
Property Requirement Test Data Judgement
1.Moisture Content(%) 6.0-15.0 6.4  Accept 
2.Bending strength (MPa) ≥80 121.8 Accept
3.Water Soak Delamination Test (mm) The length of delamination on any glue line should be not more than 25mm 0 Accept
4.Resistance to Surface Wear
1)Revolution(r) Coating should be remained after 100 revolution Coating remained Accept
2)Data of Wearability(g/100r)  ≤0.15  0.09 Accept
5.Resistance to Surface Staining No staining No staining Accept
6.Adhesion of Surface Coating A little intermittent flake should be permitted A little intermittent flake Accept
7.Resistance to Surface Impact (mm) ≥1000,Diameter of impress ≤10, No crack 8.0, No crack Accept
8.Formaldehyde Emission(mg/L) 1.5 0.2 Accept
Issued by: Huangshan Tianyu Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.


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